Self reliance and self determination

Tyranny is here. Local, state and federal governments are at war with we the People because we make our own choices. As presumably unsupervised adults, we are punished for our independence.

The owners of Quail Hollow Farm invited friends, family and acquaintances to share in the farm’s bounty at a private event on their property. They were raided by an over-zealous bureacrat on the orders of Southern Nevada Health Inspector Supervisor Susan LeBay.

Southern Nevada Health Inspector Mary Oakes made it clear that it was none of the farmer’s business why she was there:

“That’s all the information you need.”

Here’s the rest of the story:

Farm-to-Fork Farm Dinner Fiasco.

This is it, folks. The country is in a place we hoped it would never be. We’re here because we didn’t protect and defend the rights of our neighbors who wanted to smoke a little pot, or sip a little Absinthe, or smoke cigarettes in a bar, or carry a handgun. We couldn’t just live and let live; we had to use the power of government to punish the people who’s behavior we disapproved of. We allowed the government to take over the education of our children which made them perfect little subjects for social engineering. We let their foot in the door because “there oughta be a law”. We allowed arrogant do-gooders to butt in and protect us from the consequences of our actions instead of letting consequences be our cautionary tale.

Now we’re searched without reasonable suspicion and without warrants. We’re told what we can and cannot eat. We have to get permission from the government to open a business. All under the guise of protecting us.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” It’s good to see so many of us finally waking up to that fact but most of us still don’t realize we’re in a war for our liberty. We are in a WAR and in war, there are casualties. And who should the casualties be, Mary Oakes and Susan LeBay or the owners of Quail Hollow Farm?

Liberty. Use it or lose it. Now fight for it:

Southern Nevada Health District
P.O. Box 3902
Las Vegas, NV 89127

(702) 759-1000  Citizen Complaints:  (702) 759-0588

Monday – Friday
8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Mary Oakes - Just following orders.












UPDATE: Here’s a good group of bureaucrats to correspond with. Surely, these people can’t possibly be against healthy food! Surely they don’t believe cut vegetables are a bio-hazard!

Nevada Food Safety Task Force


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