Fresh pasta on a budget


Just a short note on frugal living. Although I have kitchen equipment that would be the envy of many a restaurant, I just couldn’t pass up the deal I found at our local value village last night.
I bring you the Marcado Atlas 150 pasta machine.

Although we love our kitchenaid pasta attachments (which I also found at value village) I just couldn’t pass up this very well known and well made (in Italy) hand cranked pasta roller machine. With several different sized pasta cutter attachments, including a cannelloni maker, this will make the next power outage that much more bearable.

And if an E.M.P. happens to hit,we’re still set for making pasta.

And I got it all for $14.99 what a steal. The cannelloni attachment is brand new and the rest looks barely used. It just goes to show you that if you Think with a survivalists mind, you’ll learn to keep an eye out for frugal supplies.

Not only is pasta very easy to make, with fresh eggs from our chickens, and a small amount of flour that you could grind from your own wheat if need be, but it is also a really good comfort food full of carbohydrates needed in times of stress.

Additionally, it’s pretty easy to boil a pot of water in just about any situation.


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