Stanford Course Yields Touchscreen Braille Writer – YouTube

Being visually impaired myself, without enough tactile sensation in my fingertips to read Braille (due to my broken neck and subsequent nerve damage years ago) this looks very promising. My vision is getting worse by the day due to severe glaucoma that was not caught in time, and several surgeries failed to relieve the pressure. This technology could put a lot of fears to rest. Say what we will about the younger generation, they’re irresponsible, reckless, too cavalier when it comes to family values and maintaining the same. They do have certain advantages over us older folks in that they were born into an amazing era of advanced electronics. Some of the brightest will shine as stars and use their knowledge to further mankind. And some we’ll just have to keep a foot on their rears:) Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and several others have ushered in a new age. I hope that the ones to follow these brilliant minds have the intelligence to bring to fruition their ideas for a better tommorow.

And I hope I’m able to see it. or in my case, hear it. This is also a Technology that will represent self sufficiency for many visually impaired people that otherwise may have to depend upon others or government assistance to live a fruitful life.


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  1. Now it’s just a matter of getting these important innovations to the market. Unfortunately, innovation and markets are being deliberately suppressed just now so it’s bound to take quite awhile before we’re able to buy these products.

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